The seeding began when we first heard of tiny homes. What a great idea to live below your means and enjoy more of your life by living with less. To be free of a mortgage, a lease, or an outdated American dream. Brandon began the research and I mean REALLY dug in, looking up builders, cities permitting the molecular movement, even how to tow these seemingly sweet beasts. I could not believe the amount of people already living this tiny way, we became envious and wanted in. Then Netflix added Tiny, the documentary of a man with no general carpenter experience, gaining fever of simple living and building his own tiny home. We were officially sold.

Thinking different has always been one of my favorite traits of Brandon, bravery to follow through with his ideas is second. We spoke daily of the idea and he played to my weakness, tidy spaces and organizing. We looked at photos, Pintrest-ed for hours, and watched the many new tv shows featuring builds. Then came sharing the idea with family and friends.
Bringing it up in discussion, easy. Talking about it as an idea, easy. Explaining it as our new found love and soon to be way of life, HARD. By now, we had weighed out the options of tiny home or motorhome. Both were great ideas and I had made it clear, I was leaning towards a tiny home. But Brandon, being the logical thinker, found the RV route to be the smarter starter for us.

Then I knew that the word “build” would soon turn to remodel. Having bought a home in June of 2014, we were not too keen on finding the land and funding the build of a tiny home. Thus began an extensive search of the RV of our dreams. We soon realized the basics in layout, weight restrictions, towing vehicles, and common mechanical occurrences.

Four dealerships, one RV show, and several RV trader posts later, Brandon found him. The Damon Intruder of our dreams (I call it him because of Damon… as in Matt Damon…). The first look was a little intimidating, outdated to 2003, my first thought was, how soon can we clear this baby out! The layout was exactly what we wanted though, a simple table and chairs for dining, a cozy area for the couch, which faced the tv mounting on an entertainment center behind the passenger seat, the kitchen being slightly closed off with an L shape that faced the living space, huge windows for natural light (something I LOVED about tiny homes), a private and full bathroom, plenty of storage all throughout the bedroom and the second air condition unit for the back.

This was November of 2015 and we were waiting for the next big move, what better time. Brandon applied for the loan as soon as we stepped out and there was no turning back.