With our head in the clouds about actually making our dream a reality, it was time to come back down and get started, we had a long road ahead of us. January of 2016, I had obsessed over remodel ideas and pictures for a while. I even went through my closet to pair down on clothes, shoes, and accessories. The thought of the minimalist life was really catching me. Brandon was pretty much there already.
So began the remodel and removal of anything we could detach with a borrowed power tool from my dad. I knew what I wanted done for a remodel and thank goodness for an understanding husband, because that carpet was coming out. We argued on carpeting the slide out, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Being such large project, it felt right to seek the resources to help. To Craigslist! Brandon found the listing and it was set up, the guy even ordered the flooring we wanted. Two weeks later we had beautiful brown laminate floors. We were estimated the whole thing… and ended up short. He couldn’t do the bedroom (it was too tight), he couldn’t do the bathroom (there was a leak), and wasn’t able to lay laminate in the driver area (couldn’t detach the seats). Whatever, I was happy the majority was out.
The slide out and the bathroom were my biggest fight, and the slide was the first part done. The bathroom though, had linoleum peeling up and it was smelling. Luckily, Brandon had gotten just as frustrated. Thus began the adventure of Brandon’s first time with flooring. Of course it was the smallest space with the most angles and cuts… but he had my support.
Not bad for his first time!