On to the next, sanding, cleaning, then painting. With the cabinets, we decided early on with white, such a clean and neutral color. I mentioned my obsession on Pintrest with RV remodels and Tiny Home interiors, the common theme was, WHITE. It really opened up and brightened the space. How could we say no, knowing that we wanted to decorate with bold and bright colors.

With the drawers and cabinet doors crowding the garage, we started with sanding… by hand. I was talking with my dad about how time consuming it was and he laughed. After he realized I wasn’t laughing with him, he mentioned using an electric sander. So we upped our game and borrowed not one, but two electric sanders. Boy, was there a difference.

We wrapped up the sanding and dove into the painting. Two coats and done. We were convicted we had to use a “specific” cabinet paint… so we suckered ourselves into a much over priced paint ordered online. The expensive paint soon ran out so we took the almost empty can to Home Depot. We asked them if there was a specific paint to cover cabinets and they had a paint to do the job at half the price and matched the color.

The hardware was next, we asked ourselves, save the money and spray paint the existing? Or spend tons and buy new… Luckily Brandon is an internet wizard and found some cheap handles! The brushed nickel bars were looking pricey but he found exactly what we wanted. We also came across some neat knobs on clearance at Target (who isn’t looking for a penny to save when remodeling). The hinges however, we did not see the point to buy new, spray paint it was! We bought a “brushed nickel” paint to match our new handles, and you wouldn’t notice the slight difference in color, unless I told you.



Left, old | Right, brushed nickel paint

We wanted to change up some drawer handles and we saved a few bucks with it.