I’ve mentioned Ashe, our Belgian Malinois and German Shepard mix. She is now a year and a half, and we could not love her more. Ashe is the first dog we got as a puppy. She is certainly STILL a pup and adjusting to this new RV lifestyle we brought her on.

We are accustomed to the heat of Southern California and know just how hot the grounds can get here. With a pup living in the RV and walking her often, we are even more aware and active of her health in this heat. Her paw pads being pretty exposed, I started researching ways to help protect her from burns and blisters.

I knew I wanted to make something for her that was organic and not at all harmful if she decided to lick (which, of course she did).

Having made simple lip balms, I knew it would be a similar recipe and I wouldn’t have to worry about a fancy scent. So I started with the basics.

2 tbsp Bees Wax
2 tbsp Shea Butter
1 tbsp Coconut Oil
1 tbsp Olive Oil

Melt everything together while stirring, let it cool for a few minutes, and then pour into a simple container. Let it set over night to harden. Don’t forget to label!

Left uncovered to set overnight!

Super simple and so far working great for our pup.

Leave a comment and let us know how it works for your fur babies, or any alternatives used.