We are officially two months into living full-time in the RV. We’ve only stayed in Temecula but have come to the conclusion that we will not travel cross country in our current 38 ft-er. We would eventually LOVE to travel from national park to national park, but maybe in something a little more mobile and practical for our liking.

The space we are currently in is the perfect transition vehicle from home, to motorhome. As cozy as we are, we have found that our opportunity to settle may come sooner than we thought.
Our plan for now is to work our way up the west coast, through California, Oregon, and Washington. Eventually finding some land and settling… plans for building a tiny home are certainly in the works! So we are skipping the big trek across the whole country (for now) and questing for the admiration we have always shared for the northern west coast.
As sure as we are with this plan, we are certainly not closing our minds to new adventures!

So two months in and who knew we would learn so much. Nothing terribly wrong with the RV itself… yet… *knocks on wood*. The A/C recently threw a fit, but Brandon researched and found it just needs a replaced part. Also, I may have bought the wrong toilet paper and blocked the sensor for the septic tank… so we will learn about cleaning that soon. Other than that, it has been small adjustments. By small adjustments I mean finding a spot to place all of the cereal, and where Ashe goes when I lay out my yoga mat.

To be honest it has been a really positive experience, and we have realized that everything we have read from other full-timers and minimalists, has been true. Keeping it simple has taken a weight off, which most people don’t know they’re carrying. We are closer in our relationship together and when/if we fight, I don’t make him sleep outside, we talk. It’s just easier to communicate and be happy.

And as we are still told, “you two are crazy” “it’s SUCH a small space”, Brandon reminds me that everyone is different and we are lucky to have found our peace.

We are headed next to Oceanside CA for a month and we are STOKED to live by the beach. Both being from Southern California, we have always lived in such a central area from mountains, beaches, and the desert. Now we are at the opportunity to really live in each.
Can’t wait!!