When you buy your first house it is sort of scary, but in the most fun way possible. Luckily, it was fun and super awesome for Brandon and I because we were gifted the washer and dryer from the previous owner. We were extremely fortunate that she was actually an old family friend. She really did a lot for us and without her generosity, we would have been a little lost.

SO! with that, I was happy not to have dragged loads of laundry back and forth to my parents house. Of course, I had to double check with my mom, “what brand of detergent do you use…what about softener… what are dryer sheets for…” To be clear, my mom taught my siblings and I how to do laundry when we were young teens. But, something about “being on your own” had me forget everything I knew about the chore.

Skipping some time and I was soon a pro. Then a strange problem with our new dog, Claus, came up. He had been getting rashes and we didn’t understand why. For a while we thought it was food we were feeding him, the heat maybe (eventhough he was an inside dog), or maybe just playing rough with Ashe. Nothing was really adding up, so I did as many new adults do, I asked my mom… again. She mentioned that if we had switched detergents, that it may be irritating his skin.

That day we went to the store and bought free and clear  labeled detergent and softer. And viola, he healed up great and no more rashes. Soon after that, Brandon mentioned making a detergent…why not? I had just made dish soap and it was working great.

So I researched some homemade detergents and it was just as easy as dish soap. Many
recipes were for one or two gallon amounts so, I broke them down to a super simple and smaller amount recipe that we can store in the RV and I only have to make it once, maybe twice, a month. Here you go!

Half gallon recipe:

7 cups of water
1/4 cup heaping super washing soda
1/8 cup baking soda
1 cup castile soap* (Non-scented, I’ve also used Peppermint)
8-12 drops of essential oil (I use eucalyptus)

Wooden spoon
Container (I use a large jar)
Large pot or electric water kettle

*Lots of people us Dr. Bronners, but Wal Mart also has a generic brand. I’ve used both and I see no difference.

Super simple, heat up five cups of water (it doesn’t have to boil, but I’ve found the super washing soda dissolves quicker in warmer water). Add the super washing soda and baking soda. Stir till everything dissolves, then add the soap and rest of water (2 cups). Give it another stir and wait until the water cools (maybe 5 or 10min) and add your essential oil. Stir and let it sit overnight!

You’ll notice the mix gets chunky so it’s important to shake before every use.

Beware of using too much super washing soda! I’ve made the mistake and it just turns almost solid… in this case, heat up some more water and add to the detergent.
And the softer!

I like to keep even simpler with this:
1 pint jar
Fill with epsom salt
Add 10 drops of essential oil and shake!

Whether we end up in a house some where or remain on the road, this inexpensive detergent will stick with us. Have fun with it and leave a comment letting me know how it works for you!