Here we are closing in on our four month mark. It’s finally fall and we are in Quincy, Ca. Certainly, it feels more like fall here in the mountains and in a small town where everyone is wearing tennis shoes… and we are still wearing sandals. If that doesn’t make us look like out-of -towners, then maybe it’s the Prius we’re driving.

It is so quiet here, and the landscape is trees, just trees everywhere. What a change of pace from sunny southern California.

The drive to Quincy was great. Smooth sailing for us as we broke up the drive in to two days. In total we drove about 550 miles. The first day we packed up our stay in Redlands and left for Lone Pine. A small town in central California, known for their views of Mt. Whitney and famous landscaping used in several films and commercials. We guessed western films when we noticed John Wayne murals everywhere around town.

Getting into Lone Pine so late, our plan was to just park and rest up. Luckily we came across an RV park with spaces available for the night. It was super clean and we were happy with the $40 charge. Also, free muffins and donuts in the morning… we’re not ones to pass up a pastry.

Feeling rested and ready for a long drive, we started our trek to our new parking spot. Only two stops in-between for gas, snacks, and stretches, we made it just before dark.

Oh, and Ashe of course did great! If I haven’t explained yet, our driving situation is, Brandon driving the motorhome and I follow in the Prius with Ashe. It’s nice for playing our own music and thinking for a bit. We keep communication with handheld radios (that just means I give Brandon updates of what Ashe is doing).

It’s only been four days in Quincy and the furthest we’ve lived from our families, ever. With their love and support, we are more excited than ever to feel like we are living the lifestyle of our dreams.

So, thank you!! Family, friends, and fellow Instagramers.

Comment on any post or send us an e-mail of any questions!!


P.S. I am excited to get consistent with these posts and sharing more. 😅🌿