Oh the wonder of today’s technology…Where and what would we be without it? Especially The Internet(The internet is not a real place…so i’m forgoing the proper capitalization from here on out.). The internet is great. I love the internet.  It allows me to work from home and travel where we please. But what happens when it is not so great? “We have 99% network reliability!” Yeah yeah that may be so, but somewhere along the line you fall into that tiny 1%.

I lived in that tiny 1% for the past couple of days. It’s not fun when all of your work revolves around being connected. Say what you will but believe me, I did my research. When we plan on traveling to a new city, I always research the cellphone coverage maps to make sure that I have proper 4G LTE coverage. I swear. On paper, we do have solid coverage. In reality, we happen to move to Quincy while “they” were working on the only Verizon cell tower in the area. Great. So what does that mean? It means that I was provided a SOLID 450ms latency, 1.15 Mbps download, 0.01 Mbps upload, and around a 75% packet loss connection. This roughly translates to… GLHF YOU CAN’T WORK.

I was at my wits end  and ready to make a move over to the closest city. I couldn’t give up though. This was a tech problem and I couldn’t let it defeat me. Or at least that’s how I felt.

My first blog entry talked about two different types of antennae/antenna (color/colour tomato/tomato what ever…) I couldn’t use the cell phone antenna. That was out of the picture. I resorted to using the WiFi antenna. Lucky for us, our campsite is pretty close to the Quincy fairgrounds. I was able to pick up a 2.4Ghz signal provided by the fairgrounds. Perfect. Even better, the signal was provided by the local cable company and allowed me to sign up for a plan that would allow me to connect at a 6 Mbps down/1 Mbps up speed. For a month use, the plan came out to $50. Yes, that is expensive compared to the plans offered in more urban areas. Lose my job and not pay, move to another city, or pay the $50 and stay in Quincy. We both love Quincy so far so the $50 was a no brainer. Especially considering we would not be refunded for paying a month in advance at the RV park.

So how did I do it? I wont post a tutorial but I will post the equipment I used to make it happen. The three main equipment pieces I had to make this work was an Indoor RouterOutdoor Router, and an Outdoor Antenna.

In short, the outdoor router is mounted to the pole on the roof where the old batwing antenna used to be. Connected to the outdoor router is the outdoor directional antenna. This antenna helps the outdoor router pick up on Wi-Fi signals from afar. The outdoor router is needed to act as a middle man between the indoor router and whatever router is broadcasting the Wi-Fi signal. From there, I connect all of our devices into the indoor router, wired and wireless.

With all of that aside, it works. we can watch movies, listen to music, play games, and most importantly, log into my job. Yes, the setup can be expensive and a little time consuming, but this situation is exactly what I needed it for. I raise my glass of london fog(thanks bb) and nod. Here is to you Quincy and Verizon. Nice try.



And starting sentences with conjunctions are fine. But that’s none of my business…