One month into RV life and we faced our first move. It was a planning mishap we overlooked… the Fourth of July weekend. Luckily, Pala (another local Indian casino) had just opened a brand new RV resort. Four weeks into them being open, not many people knew to book there, so we had a spot for almost two weeks.

Driving up it was EMPTY, but oh so clean. We had a spot right next to the dog run and beautiful rear views of the surrounding hills. Of course we checked out the casino right away and it was nice. They provided a shuttle and friendly service. The food in the casino was nothing to write home about but the convince was good to have.

Back to the park, brand new and shiny everything. Restrooms were impressive and the laundry room had brand stinkin’ new machines. So new, I didn’t even know how to work it. That might explain why it was FIVE DOLLARS just to wash one load and another $3.50 to dry. It is safe to assume I only did one load because I was desperate.

The surrounding area was really nice and we thought ideal for hiking but the reservation played us good. We drove around a bit and realized most to all of the area was restricted. The only place to be was the casino, everything else was about 30-45 minutes away.

One sandwich place was near by and sort of in the middle of nowhere, The Yellow Deli. If you ever come across one, TRY IT. They source some really great produce and the restaurants are always beautifully decorated with hand carved woodwork.

So, most nights out were back in to Temecula. A windy and dark drive was all we had to endure. Brandon did work in his office at the time so he was driving everyday and dealing with the freeway traffic around Temecula. We made it through that stay and went back to Pechanga after, to finish our stay there.

We did make it to San Diego one weekend that we had planned in advance. Brandon is a video gamer, always has been. This year marked the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. A Sega character that had become a legend. So the event was coordinated with Comic Con, we had never been. We expected the town to be busy, but there were street closures and so many surrounding events. It was great to just be walking around and we caught some great cosplay characters on the street.

The event was really cool and beyond worth their ticket prices. We got trinkets, plushes (one has become a favorite toy to Ashe), hats, and a preview of the new Sonic game. Brandon was first in line to demo, his face was a kid on Christmas morning. We also met the creators and artists, and probably one of the coolest parts of the night was the live music from the band that records for the game. It was a really great night to have out and then back to Pala.

Oceanside next!