Okay, so deadlines are not for me… but I shall continue with another flashback!


One of many sunsets we enjoyed!

Oceanside, California was our first beach stay. We parked two weeks and were less than a ten minute walk from the sand. What a dream…

With Brandon working from home, I was packing a sandwich and prepping the scooters to ride our way to the beach and have lunch on the sand (almost) everyday.img_3136

Oceanside was also Ashe’s first encounter with the waves. She was not at first a fan, the water rushing up freaked her out a little, though she enjoyed the sand in between her paws.

Ashe checking out the waves.

The park we stayed at was great. A little close together for our liking, but we didn’t spend much time sitting outside of the RV. Our walks with Ashe were nice since the park was well lit and the dog run wasn’t far at all. Lots of full timers were parked for some permanent stays.

This park was the first experience we had around so many full-timers and I was beginning to see why the park’s online reviews were so split. The convince to the beach and closeness to the pier weighed against the lack of personal space between parked RV’s.

Like I said, we spent more time out of the park and enjoyed some really great restaurants. There was a local coffee shop that had opened and reminded us so much of our favorite coffee roasters back home. Another restaurant we tried had some funky decor and a really great menu.
We were excited when we found out about the weekly farmers market on the main street of the pier. With a few blocks closed off in every direction, there was every type of food imaginable. I’m not kidding, you name it they had a stand selling it. We only tried a few stands, but my favorite was the fresh lemonade with some seriously cool flavors, blackberry, strawberry basil, and lavender.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with a best friend of mine that lived only ten minutes from where we were parked. Catching up with her over our two week stay was just what I needed. She had (sometime ago) lived full-time in an RV also!

Even closer than the pier was Carlsbad. The next beach town just south of Oceanside. We enjoyed a couple of day trips and some more great restaurants.

An RV service shop next to our park allowed for a quick oil change on our way out of town.


I was really happy to experience a stay in a beach town. I certainly thought this would have been our first and last, but only two months later we were on the central coast in a another beach town. That is another flashback.