We’ve had some what of an eventful journey to our current state of being. To recap, we traveled through California for six months and then parked for seven months. We stayed put longer than we had hoped for. As we were close to family and in the San Bernardino mountains, the cute little town of Crestline California was not for us.

The highlights were, being close to family for the holidays and birthdays, we were only a thirty or so minute drive to my favorite coffee place EVER (Augie’s Coffee in Redlands, Ca), and having family to take care of Ashe for the couple of trips we took out of town. All of those things required a thirty minute mountain drive that is not only exhausting on yourself, but on your car. I’ll spare much more of the negatives and stick to the fun times of our long stay in Crestline.

It was a tight drive in to the park.
Our front yard space… so much mud.
The creek.
Holiday decorations and view from our front window.
Winter preparations.

Our lot was in a cute little mobile home park with some friendly neighbors and hard working maintenance guys. We lucked out with a yard and our front door opening parallel to a running creek, which surprisingly came in handy when our pipes froze (I’ll add that to another blog). Ashe took full advantage of the front yard which secluded us enough to have her off of a leash most of our stay.

After some snow fall and too much time indoors.
Ashe lost this toy a few times and still found it under a few inches of snow.
Our backyard view.
The drive way in to the mobile home park.
Our first family shoe prints together… #cheesythingstodointhesnow
My favorite photo of the creek.


When we first arrived, two days before Christmas, we endured some heavy rain fall and a little muddy set up on a dirt lot. That night it snowed. The first snow fall of the year. We had never lived in snow like that and for a few weeks we had a consistent couple of inches. The Prius didn’t take too well to chains we had to buy and we quickly learned that we needed cables instead.

We managed to enjoy the snow and were fortunate to have most of the restaurants in town only a short walk away. Not to mention a great pizza place the delivered!

Lucky for me, I was able to find a job only a month after we settled. A small mom and pop restaurant looking for a part-time waitress for the spring and summer months. I loved working there. The owners were very kind and the chef always sent me home with plenty of food.

We spent lots of time at Lake Gregory. Ashe probably benefited from our lake trips most as there was a large dog park for her to run free, lots of trails around the lake so we could walk a while, LOTS of tree branches to play fetch, and she even enjoyed some swimming.

Windows were always down on our way to the lake.
Huge dog park next to Lake Gregory


Our trip to the lake in May and it snowed.


We often visited neighboring towns, Blue Jay and Lake Arrowhead. Blue Jay offered a quite coffee shop and the only theater up the mountain. Lake Arrowhead, the better known of the mountain towns, was shopping and some good restaurants.

A great highlight was the opportunity to meet up with THREE other full-time RV couples. We had been following Kevin and Mandy of @188sqft, Kermit and Trinity of @kermitandtrinity, and Sam and Brennen of @lifeamoungpines on Instagram for at least a few months and the timing worked out great. Brandon and I were able to show them around our favorite downtown in Redlands CA. We ate and talked about the lifestyle we all love and share.

The only photo we got of our met up!

Though we loved the change of pace, after just a few months in Crestline we had discovered all we thought we could and our minds and hearts were ready to move on. So, down the mountain we came and back to Pechanga RV Resort we are.



Bonus, just a few more photos of our stay in Crestline

She couldn’t get enough of the snow.
Heart Rock is the local hike.
A better picture of Heart Rock.
Vista Point is a pull off spot on the way up the mountain with incredible views.
Family visit to the lake for some fishing! These are my nephews.
My niece Quorra bundled up at the lake.
Being high up the mountain was almost always photo worthy.
Our last day in Crestline and heading down the mountain.
Brandon bravely backing out.
Yes, that is the park maintenance guy on top of the RV ensuring we don’t take and cables with us.