Being stationary for months had us a little stir-crazy and we were craving an adventure in a new city. So, we each packed only a backpack and flew to Seattle for a weekend.

We tend to travel in a pack and this quick trip was no exception. Our little quartet usually includes myself, Brandon, Martin (Brandon’s closest friend, also now one of mine), and Austin (Brandon’s best friend from nursing school). The trio of just the guys is the coolest dynamic of friendship. It doesn’t matter who you are, they will make you laugh harder than you knew you could. But, they also have the deepest conversations of life and meaning. I often feel lucky to be a part of this little group.

So we flew from LAX per usual and made it to Seattle about 11am. Our first thought was to head straight for Pikes Place Market. We were hungry and the streets were crowded. Tucked along the small grab-and-go places was a not so busy German deli. YUM. Fresh pretzels and the best bacon we had ever tasted. We didn’t take advantage of conversing in German because these ladies were so legit and we here in awe of how great it smelled. A quick breakfast down and we were headed for a stroll through the market. Beautifully hand crafted everything. And the row of flowers on flowers on flowers. We walked every part of that place in search of nothing but instantly in love with everything it presented.


Coffee, I needed coffee. And what do you know, we are in the birthplace of Starbucks. That line was just too long though, off to a small roaster else where! Lucky for me, the guys love a good coffee house and better brew. We walked one of many shops in the area and relaxed for a while. Unable to check-in to our Air BnB right away, we met with one of Brandon’s uncles for a brunch. Not just any brunch, a drag cabaret show brunch. It was such a good time with some kind of mimosa sponsorship. With time to spare before checking-in and bars around the corner, Adrian and Bill (Brandon’s Uncle and his partner) showed us around a little more of Seattle.

After some drinks and now dinner, we made it to the Air BnB with a late check-in. Somehow we weren’t yet exhausted from being awake since 4am. We left our bags and walked the neighborhood to explore the area of Seattle we were staying in.

Finally some sleep.

The next day was a tour filled day thanks to our guide, you guessed it, Adrian. He started off right with us and took us to a great coffee shop. Then it was off to the Fremont Troll. At this point I don’t even remember having lunch. We made a few more stops and then it was off to the famous underground city tour. The tour was fun but what I remember most was the giant game of Jenga we played before hand. A local block park had oversized games like connect four, corn hole, badminton, and Jenga. We had 45 minutes before our tour began so we decided on a game. This was the most intense game we had ever played. It took the whole 45 minutes and we even drew a crowd.

There’s Adrian and yes, the Jenga set was tall!


The evening was drawing in and we were hungry! Adrian and Bill know we are food lovers of all kinds and told us about a sushi restaurant. It was an incredible meal and maybe, the best salmon sashimi we’ve ever had. This concluded a memorable second day.


Our last day in Washington went by fast. We packed up and out of the Air BNB then hopped on a ferry to Bainbridge Island. Brandon’s other uncle had recently moved up to Bainbridge and was able to show us around for the day. What a beautiful place! I think the majority of the day I just kept talking about how we should move there. It was a great little boost to make us want to see more of Washington. We’re planning to!

A two minute walk behind Brandon’s Uncles house on Bainbridge Island and Austin finding himself.

Sorry (not sorry) for our lack of photos. Maybe, one day… we’ll get better at that. 😉