Video games have always been a passion for myself. I have so many memories throughout my childhood ranging from odd jobs to save up money for games to bringing along my Sega Dreamcast on family camping (glamping) trips. Nothing beats having the ocean breeze, bonfire smell, and a tiny 9 inch CRT for late night camping video game sessions!
I started making my own games and programming at the age of 11. It has always been a sort of hobby to keep up with the homebrew scene throughout the years. I eventually made a couple of releases for the App Store and made a small website for playing games in HTML5 (this was pre- life on the road).
Niccole and I then went through the whirlwind of beginning the full-time RV life and I took a small break from developing as we traveled our first six months in the RV. After some thought we decided to stay in Crestline, CA for a longer period of time. I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to really buckle down and make my first full-fledged game. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the first game consoles that my brother and I really sunk time into. Games from the NES-era, now called retro, will always have a soft spot in my heart and that is what I decided to base my game’s theme around.
When I say full-fledged game I’m talking about multiple characters, levels, modes, custom soundtrack and a physical release. I was curious to see if there were other gamers out there that missed retro games, especially the physical release aspect. I decided to run a Kickstarter(can be viewed here ) to see if there were gamers that were interested in my idea. My first Kickstarter was a success. I raised enough funds to have a professional composer write a custom soundtrack (Can be played here ) and secure manufacturers for the physical edition of the game.
Surprise to me. My game, Bebop and Tempo, gained enough interest to be invited to exhibit at the 2017 Denver Comic Con. I was more than happy to accept the invitation. We packed our bags and headed off to Denver! Niccole, myself, and Martin (the official tester of the game) set up a booth in the Hall of Games at Comic Con. We had such a great time playing Bebop and Tempo with all of the attendees. It was really special to see people’s initial reactions to the game and being able to answer questions. We bought retro controllers and some headphones to really put them into the experience. Niccole and I spent many hours building and packaging all of the merchandise that we sold at Comic Con…well mostly Niccole. We have two physical editions of Bebop and Tempo, patches, stickers, and perler characters which are all still available at
Having a booth at the hall of games meant hanging all day with other developers and geeking it up.  Our days were spent at comic con but, our nights were spent hanging with Niccole’s cousin. He lives in Denver and was super cool taking us to some fun hangouts. One was a video game bar. A small place where the walls were lined with pin ball machines and arcade games. Good times in Denver.
Bebop and Tempo was recently part of the launch line up of a new company called Jump. Jump is a really cool new service for indie games that has been called the Netflix for games. Play on any desktop OS, for now, and no need to install or have a hefty download speed. Try for free now at Also available on Steam for PC and Mac at and coming soon to Xbox One!
Video game development takes a ton of time and effort. From Bebop and Tempo’s conception to final build release was about 1200 hours over 6 months. Many people ask me if I plan on making a sequel or another game. I do have a ton of ideas and traveling on the road definitely provides the inspiration.
Thanks to everyone who supported us and I am definitely looking forward to whatever the road brings us next.